ARMS Notification Feature Breakdown

We have had much interest as of late from current and prospective customers that are interested in using the Notification Manager to its fullest. ARMS’s Notification Manager feature sends automated emails to users to keep them updated when information is entered into the system. Previously, the Notification Manager would only send automated emails based on CAD and case codes as well as daily summary reports. The software can now be configured to send automated alerts based on other criteria. Let’s take a look at the Notification Manager and recent changes to this feature.

Notification Manager settings

The ARMS administrator will need to access the settings screen of the Notification Manager to set up automated emails and indicate who should receive them. Existing ARMS users can update their employee files with their email addresses if there isn’t already one on record. This address will be automatically used by the system to send email notifications. You can add recipients that aren’t ARMS users by entering their email address directly into the Notification Manager.

Location-based notifications

The Notification Manager was originally created to send automated emails to specified users when a CAD or case code was used on a file. The feature also allowed the ARMS administrator to indicate which users should receive a daily summary report or case data. We started improving the Notification Manager last year by introducing a location-based option. You can select this feature to have certain users receive automated emails whenever a report is filed for a specific geographical location.

Discover the Notification Manager’s new features

The latest update introduces four new criteria for sending automated emails:

  • Approval emails. An ARMS user can receive an automated email when their case report is submitted, kicked back to them, or approved. The administrator can use the To/CC section if another user needs to be informed of the case status.
  • Property Review emails. Once a property review date is entered into the system, it is possible to send out automated reminder emails on the date of the property review.
  • Investigation emails. ARMS users can receive automated emails when an investigation is assigned to them. They can receive additional emails as the review and purge dates approach.
  • CAD updates emails. The Notification Manager will send out automated emails normally when the CAD is originally filed. If updates are made to the CAD report, the user who makes the changes can click on a button to send automated emails and inform registered parties about the updates.

Improve communication between college campuses and law enforcement

The Clery Act requires college campuses and other educational institutions to release data related to crime on campus, in residences, and on public property immediately accessible from the campus. Incidents need to be added to the school’s Daily Crime Log. The new features of the Notification Manager can help improve communication between college campuses and law enforcement. The location-based alerts could, for instance, help law enforcement automatically inform school officials if an incident happens on public property that is connected to the campus. Take the time to review your current Notification Manager settings and set up new alerts based on the additional criteria available. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with configuring these new settings or need more information on the new features of the Notification Manager.


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