ARMS is the premier CAD and RMS solution for public safety agencies – a fully integrated Information Management System offering you the latest technology and the most feature rich applications since 1988. Over the years, ARMS has evolved as the needs of our customers have evolved, resulting in a user-friendly set of modules and features for your agency in the office and in the field.

ARMS offers software solutions to all facets of public safety, including Municipal Police Departments, School Districts, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Airports, Housing Authorities, Private Security, Indian Nations, and more.

ARMS offers favorable Site-License Pricing – No haggling over the number of connections or users, enjoy unlimited growth potential without additional license fees. Your agency also has the choice of a License Purchase or a SaaS (Software as a Service) Subscription, wherein ARMS will host your database in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

Data Collection — Data Management — Data Distribution

ARMS Offers

  • Mainstream Technology;
  • Available for Microsoft/iPad/Android;
  • Modern and intuitive interface;
  • Site License, no haggling over the number of connections or number      of users;
  • Buy, Lease or SaaS option.
  • Professional Support Services – pre and post-sale;



Manage all your agencies resources and provide updates and safety information to your units in the field.  One window allows the user to easily view event details and update information.  From highly complex incidents to community policing activities, ARMS CAD provides you a easy to view solution.

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For simple information reports to complete NIBRS/UCR/Clery incidents, the ARMS RMS provides you and intuitive and easy to navigate window.  Information is readily available for officers, supervisors, investigators and records personnel.

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ARMS enables your agency to interact with CAD and Records Management data from a mobile device or traditional laptop/MDT environment. Because ARMS Mobile is web-based instead of an app, it can be used on any smart device with a modern browser such as Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox. Units can receive assignments from Dispatch or create their own Self-Initiated incidents from ARMS Mobile CAD, as well as view a map of current incidents, view other logged on officers’ statuses, complete and submit case reports, and perform queries.

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ARMS Parking has all the tools and features in one system to automate and manage your entire parking operation — finally eliminating the costly need to piece together separate solutions from multiple vendors. Whether used on its own or with our ARMS Mobile Citation Writers, ARMS Parking will increase your agencies productivity and most importantly, your revenues.

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In any system, it is crucial to be able to pull data and statistics. ARMS has multiple tools that allow the viewing, printing and distribution of all the information you collect. From highly formatted reports to aggregate statistics, ARMS Reporting has the tools you need. If one of our 270+ reports does not show the data you need, you can build a new report with the fields and data you need in a format that is intuitive.

In addition to internal reporting, ARMS also offers solutions to all standard reporting needs including  UCR/NIBRS Reporting, Clery Reporting, State Specific Reporting, and more. Ask us about any Custom Report Formats your agency may need.

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Integration Services

ARMS Data Share allows agencies to participate in any local, regional or national data share that accepts data using the Global Justice XML data model. This model is an XML standard designed specifically for criminal justice information exchanges, providing law enforcement, public safety agencies, prosecutors, public defenders, and the judicial branch with a tool to effectively share data and information in a timely manner.

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ARMS NIBRS Reporting allows the agency to participate in the state or FBI NIBRS reporting Programs.  With the intuitive and robust design of our ‘NIBRS REVIEW’ module, agencies easily collect data for internal statistics, prosecutors and FBI requirements.  Data elements are verified at data entry and Submission.

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The NCIC module integrates seamlessly with our CAD, RMS and Mobile solutions, enabling users to run NCIC queries directly from the module they are currently using.

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Many agencies wish to utilize the ARMS SaaS, to move their existing ARMS system to the ’Cloud’ or begin using ARMS as a Service. This allows the agency to avoid the expense of servers or and server maintenance. By using mainstream technology, the ARMS platform can be deployed via an agency hosted model or hosted on a ‘Cloud’ server. ARMS uses a combination of thick client and browser technology to bring the department a very robust information management system.

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For smaller departments wanting a SaaS RMS system only. Complete RMS/UCR/Clery solution with many additional features.

Web Based so no software is installed on the user’s machine. All software updates are done on the server.
-SaaS or Self Hosted packages available
-All user and admin access is via a Browser
-Supports multiple sites and/or multiple clients over any geographic area and/or a corporate WAN
-All user activity is logged for review

MSU Police has been using the ARMS RMS system since 2007. The system aids us in Clery compliance and the tracking of many important functions and activities of our department. We would not consider any other system.

Chief Vance Rice
Mississippi State University

Our dispatchers now click on icons to run wanted persons and vehicles as opposed to using the old period format. This feature has expedited the process of running persons and vehicles while improving officer safety.

Director Mitchell J Yanak
University of Pennsylvania

Have been using ARMS since 2002. I love it, the officers, dispatchers, and staff love it also. We hire mostly retired officers from large departments. These officers can’t understand how a small university pd can have a report writing system so much better than the larger departments they came from.

Jim Lins
University of Maryland Baltimore County

The ARMS Mobile Suite is Easy to navigate and input information which allows the officers to stay in the field for more community policing. The program is available on any device which makes it easier to deploy to the officers in the field.

Cassandra Bailey
Georgia State University

ARMS Mobile, originally envisioned as a light weight, browser based CAD/RMS has quickly turned into a full featured CAD/RMS client for field personnel. No more clunky, heavy clients with unreliable local databases to install and maintain. Log in from anywhere, on any device with a browser to get work done.

Greg Katz
Town of Billerica, MA

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Our vast portfolio of products allows to meet the needs of all of our customers with extreme efficiency.