Record Management System

ARMS Records Management allows an agency to organize, maintain and retrieve data in one interface. ARMS RMS is a user-friendly law enforcement records management software that provides a quick and efficient records entry process and enables users to successfully find the records or analytics being sought. Whether in the office, or on the go with a mobile device, users experience seamless information management with ARMS.

ARMS Record Management System (RMS) allows an agency to organize, maintain and access the increasingly large amounts of information that an agency gathers. Whether in the office or on a mobile device, RMS allows for seamless data entry. RMS will filter needed fields in order to guide officers through the case report.

ARMS RMS encompasses complete incident reporting, from the initial report to an investigative followup, and provides your agency the ability to capture and report incidents more quickly and accurately.

ARMS Site License applies to all modules, including RMS, and allows your department to operate more cost-efficiently than individual user licensing. Enjoy the ability to grow and expand indefinitely. ARMS Records Management System (RMS) is completely integrated with all modules of ARMS.

User Friendly Features

Integrated — ARMS Records Management is completely integrated with all modules of ARMS;

Intuitive, easy to learn interface using common Microsoft© Windows controls; Single window for all data entry;

Capture, manage, and prioritize mission-critical data to support decision-making in situations where every second counts.

Comprehensive Records System

UCR, CLERY and NIBRS Reporting;

Captures all Records Management Information for the case including:

  • Persons: Complete Name records, including addresses, phone numbers, aliases, physical descriptions, warrants, trespass notices, photos, NCIC information, citations and more;
  • Vehicle: Complete vehicle record, including tow information, NCIC information, Insurance Information and photos;
  • Property: Complete property and evidence records, including NCIC information, chain of custody and check in and checkout logs;
  • Investigations: Track investigation assignments, time spent on investigations and results of follow-ups. Score cases to conform to CALEA standards;
  • Supplements: Complete supplement reports by originating officer and additional.

Supplemental Reports

The robust ARMS Case Management module allows the users to attach specialty report types to their report to match specific situations they may encounter.  Ranging from Use of Force during an event to Use of Naloxone, these specialty forms allow the user to capture critical information the modern-day department requires to track these important data points. 

Report and Notify

Configurable email notification when reports are created;

Over 100 canned statistical reports from Records Management activities;

ARMS Data Browser can be used to query fields in Records Management.

Features of RMS :

  • Built-in spell check for all narrative fields
  • Record Synopsis field can be used for public release.
  • UCR, Clery and NIBRS reporting capability.
  • Multilevel record approval and review tracking.
  • Configurable email notifications when reports are created.
  • Over 270 canned statistical reports.
  • ARMS Data Browser can be used to query fields in Records Management.
  • Reports can be printed in standard forms or custom departmental forms.
  • Capture all RMS information about each case.


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