ARMS Parking has all the tools and features in one system to automate and manage your entire parking operation — eliminating the costly need to piece together separate solutions from multiple vendors. Whether used on its own, with ARMS Mobile Citation Writer, or with ARMS Parking portal, ARMS Parking will increase your agencies productivity and most importantly, your revenue.

ARMS Parking

ARMS Parking organizes all data entry, information management, accounting and reporting tools into one easy-to-use system. ARMS Online Parking Portal gives your faculty, students and visitors the ability to register for their parking permits and appeal their citations online, freeing your staff from time-consuming data entry duties. Our accounting module will allow you to forward all charges to the student’s bursar or the faculty member’s payroll. And ARMS Mobile Citation Writer will allow your officers in the field to issue and review citations both effectively and efficiently.

Fully Integrated with ARMS

ARMS Parking was designed to improve information sharing between parking management and records management, for those departments that have to do it all.

With ARMS Parking, all parking information is immediately available to your ARMS system, whenever your officers need it, eliminating the confusion and slowdown that comes with using multiple systems.

Mobile Citation Writing

ARMS Mobile Citation Writer (or MCW) is designed for use by officers in the field, whether on a laptop with a connected printer or on a specialized handheld with a wireless printer. It provides an easy-to-use interface to look up parking information and issue citations, while applying appropriate scoff laws and alerting the officer of towing and booting incidents.

Parking Web - Citation

Improve Efficiency

ARMS Parking provides a complete, efficient workflow from Permits to Citations to Appeals. View, Update, and export all of your parking information from one, easy-to-use interface.

Features of ARMS Parking :

  • Single point of entry reduces redundancy and data entry time.
  • Multiple data entry options: point and click, shortcut keys or commands menu. The user may choose any method or combination.
  • Permit, Person, Citation and Vehicle Modules are fully integrated with CAD/RMS. You can also search within any module.
  • Mobile Citation Writers can quickly and easily scan in the permit and create a citation. At the end of the shift, the handheld syncs with the ARMS Parking database to allow for updating of scofflaws, booting and towing information.
  • Scofflaw processing allows automatic escalation of fees when previous citations have been issued to the vehicle. This fee escalation is calculated when the citation is entered, via manual data entry or the mobile citation writing application. The process also shows alerts for booting, towing, etc.
  • With Timed Lots, ARMS Mobile Citation Writer maintains the time a vehicle is parked in either a timed parking zone or specific space. The user will automatically be notified if a vehicle has violated the timed parking limit.
  • With Online Appeals, your agency can eliminate long lines, clogged inboxes and endless phone calls. The same Parking Portal where students, faculty and staff register for permits can also be utilized to create and track appeals for citations. When someone creates an appeal on the Parking Portal, an alert will appear in ARMS Parking for Appeal Management.

Also you can use ARMS Parking with, Zebra TC26 handhelds and Zebra ZQ511 printers.


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