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To create the broadest, smartest, and most agile software platform for building safer, smarter communities.

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End2End Inc. is a privately held company that creates applications for U.S. public safety agencies. We develop, deploy and support our applications and platforms for all areas of public safety, including police, fire, parking and traffic, and security departments. Our customer base spans many markets, including local and county municipals, colleges and universities, airports, housing authorities, hospitals, school districts, park police, and private security.

For three decades, we have been developing, updating, and enhancing our ARMS software, from a propriety database to our now mainstream Microsoft architecture. All of our ARMS applications are written in Microsoft® .Net and utilize Microsoft® SQL Server. We have always offered a stable and secure environment for our customers. Our software design philosophy can be summed up in a few simple words: user-friendly, stable, and innovative.

Along with our fully integrated software suite, End2End is also the sole provider of all related services including training, installation, implementation, and support services. The dedication of our development and support teams to our customers has allowed us to keep our software current in the face of constantly evolving technology and industry standards.

What ARMS can do

ARMS solutions empower public safety agencies of all sizes to take control of their information management needs. Written in Microsoft’s .NET® and utilizing Microsoft® SQL Server, ARMS provides an open database system with many interfacing options. With Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management, and Mobile Reporting, ARMS provides the software and services you need at an affordable price – now, and for years to come.

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