Introducing the ARMS Park App – 2022

What is the ARMS Park App? 

ARMS Park is an application we’ve built for our new handheld Android devices. This app is the successor to the ARMS MCW handheld application and was created with the same focus on simplicity and functionality in mind. The application will continue to help make citation writing easier and connects to our new Bluetooth printers for quick citation printing. 

What are Some Features of the ARMS Park App? 

Since our current interface is intuitive and well-liked, we wanted to keep the same general layout, all while improving the look and performance of the app. Not only does ARMS Park have a fresh new look, but there are many added features as well.  One of the most requested improvements is the ability to connect to the ARMS server through Wi-Fi and sync your device wherever you are, removing the need to manually connect the device to a workstation to sync new permits added to ARMS or the citations on the device. Something you won’t be able to see, is that this application will now connect through an HTTPS website, meaning improved security. Finally, users will now have the ability to sync, print, and edit citations individually – allowing for complete control over the citations on the handheld. 

ARMS Parking App_ AppVehicle and AppBoot
How Can I Get the ARMS Park App? 

The ARMS Park package which includes the application, the citation writing handheld, and the Bluetooth printer will be available later this year! If you are a current ARMS Parking customer or interested in purchasing ARMS Parking, you can reach out to our Sales teams by email at or by phone at 1-800-776-6783 to receive more information about ARMS Parking and the ARMS Park package and opt-in to be notified when preorders are available! 

ARMS Parking AppViolation and AppSync


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