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ARMS IES eCite/eCrash

ARMS E-Citation & E-Crash Imports The ARMS IES module contains a feature for importing data into ARMS from state-related electronic citation and crash reporting systems using data exported by the

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ARMS Monitor911 Application

ARMS Monitor 9-1-1 ARMS Monitor 911 feature enables the agency to connect itsprimary PSAP server (CAD output connection) to the ARMS server toreceive NENA standard ANI-ALI call details. NENA stands for

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ARMS Campus Safety Tips

College students are preparing for their Summer semesters, a time when campuses are less crowded, allowing greater opportunity for incidents. Being vigilant on personal safety, especially as it pertains to

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ARMS SaaS Benefits

SaaS Benefits   One item of interest to many of our customers looking into using ARMS within an On Premises server environment or utilizing our MS Azure Cloud SaaS environment

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The SaaS Conversion Process

SaaS Conversion Process   ARMS SaaS ARMS SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud-based installation of the ARMS CAD/RMS system where the agency pays a yearly service fee to

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SaaS Security

SaaS Security Security for SaaS customers is a high priority and is treated as such.  In this article we will review the many aspects of security standards that are involved

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