Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and a public safety department is no exception, so we’ve developed several ARMS components specifically designed to make sure that your data is wherever you need it. Whether automating student imports with IES, sharing records with partner entities through the ARMS Data Share client, or migrating records from your old system with an ARMS Data Port, ARMS has you covered.

Easily Share Data

Using Global Justice XML, the ARMS Data Share client allows you to export your ARMS records in whole or in part in a common format, ready to be ingested by any government data share. After an initial export, you can automate the data share with the push of a button, regularly providing the share with either a full new copy of your data or just changes that have been made with no extra effort.

Information Exchange System (IES)

ARMS IES allows your agency to import data from other information systems. Our experience in moving data enabled us to design a very robust and generic module. With ARMS IES, your agency can easily import/ export information into ARMS from student information systems, court/judicial systems, jail management and other information management systems. The utility is a standalone application and is not installed as part of the ARMS suite.
These are the entities of data that can be exchanged:

  • Name arrest contact
  • Moving citation
  • Warrants
  • Restraining orders
  • Parking citations
  • Parking permits
  • Parking transactions

Global Justice XML

The Global JXDM is an XML standard designed specifically for criminal justice information exchanges, providing law enforcement, public safety agencies, prosecutors, public defenders, and the judicial branch with a tool to effectively share data and information in a timely manner. This model removes the burden from agencies to independently create exchange standards, and because of its extensibility, there is more flexibility to deal with unique agency requirements and changes. Using a common vocabulary that is understood system to system, Global JXDM enables access from multiple sources and reuse in multiple applications.

ARMS Data Port

With the ARMS Data Port Process, your agency can import data from past systems. When moving to ARMS, your agency has the option to export data in .csv or XML files from other systems and have ARMS import that information into the appropriate fields in ARMS.


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