ARMS Monitor 9-1-1

Emergency Dispatch workflows can be challenging with questions for the caller and data entry by the CAD user. Every question-and-answer result in time elapsed before responding resources can assist. Optimize your telephony system data with the ARMS Monitor 911 module. Putting this module to work for your agency will result in time saved from question and answer to enter the ANI/ALI related data into the CAD call. Minimizing data entry time means faster agency responses by virtue of the 911 interface streaming the phone number and location data directly into CAD. The ANI/ALI data are saved with the call notes in the CAD record. Take advantage of NENA standard 911 data to strengthen your agency’s response plans.

How ARMS Monitor 9-1-1 works

ARMS Monitor 911 feature enables the agency to connect its primary PSAP server (CAD output connection) to the ARMS server to receive NENA standard ANI-ALI call details. The NENA standard ( is enforced upon telephone carriers by the government, bringing about some conformity regarding exchanging ANI-ALI data across platforms such as from the telephone system to the CAD server. 

 The 911 Call window enables the Dispatcher to start a new CAD entry, or appends an existing CAD entry (i.e., existing Open Call), or cancel.

ARMS Monitor 911 can read the data and then allow the agency to create and implement the desired outcome of the data.  This allows the agency to change when new telephone equipment is brought into production (i.e., the agency is not backed into a corner with non-modifiable ANI-ALI settings).

A connection from the ARMS server to the telephone system server (typically, a COM port / serial cable connection), the telephone system, and the ARMS server continually communicate to monitor incoming ANI-ALI.  Upon answering the call, this data is sent to CAD by the telephone system, in NENA standard form, within a few seconds of the Dispatcher answering the call.


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