One of the most important pieces of the total solution is the training that the agency receives. End2End has developed a training curriculum based on the needs and feedback we have received from our customers. We offer a wide range of training programs and courses presented by an experienced training team. Many of our end-user trainers have experience in public safety departments.


We recognize the benefits of having knowledgeable and skillful users of our products.
Some of these benefits are:

  • The more knowledgeable the user is, the fewer calls to support;
  • The more knowledgeable the user is, the happier the user is with the product;
  • The more knowledgeable the user is, the more productive the user is for the agency;
  • The more knowledgeable the user is, the more satisfied the agency’s management.

The list could continue on. The objective here is clear, training benefits all.
We are pleased to offer both onsite training services and online or ‘e-training’ options.
Time for a refresher or have you lost some key personnel?
Training can benefit your department even if you have been running ARMS for years.
Contact us for options to meet your training needs.

  • Onsite Traning
  • Online Training​
  • A Note About Training​

End2End will provide training to meet the skill levels of the user. End2End has built the training curriculum around the «Train-the-Trainer» concept. This approach allows the agency to select its best and brightest, and utilize his or her skills to train every end user. This works extremely well in 24/7 operations since a group of trainers can be trained to train end users on their respective shifts. This approach has an added benefit of allowing a ‘trainer’ to be available around the clock during the initial start-up period. In addition, users who require additional assistance will have someone available who can assist them as they learn.

Studies indicate that adult learners comprehend more in smaller groups, where hands on practice and learning can take place. Therefore, the train-the-trainer classes are limited to 20 persons. Studies also show that when individuals are responsible for teaching information, that information is retained in memory 95% of the time, so the «train-the-trainer» approach helps your employees retain their training. Additionally, a training lab is required where there are no more than two users to each workstation.

End2End will provide all training necessary to operate and maintain the solution that is being implemented. Each student will be given a skills test at the close of the session to ensure proper mastery of ARMS Enterprise and a certification of completion after successfully passing the test.

Introduced because of the demand for refresher, new hire and Administrator training, online training has become an economical solution for all managers. These are one-on-one sessions with one of our trainers. This is not a pre-recorded video session! Your users will be taught remotely via the Internet and phone.

In addition to the courses below, we can build a curriculum tailored to meet your departmental needs.

  • System Administration — 1 hr;
  • CAD — 1.5 hrs;
  • Case Management — 1.5 hrs;
  • Master Name File — 1 hr;
  • Other Modules; Property/Evidence, Training — 1 hr;
  • UCR and Clery Reporting — 1 hr;
  • Reporting — 1 hr.

We have found, after 20 years in the public safety market, that turnover of personnel is an issue that continually frustrates management. In an effort to assist management in alleviating some of that frustration, and to help minimize cost of bringing new people up to speed on the ARMS suite of products, End2End provides a train-the-trainer program. Due to shift scheduling, overtime pay, and all the other problems involved in running a 24×7 operation, it is virtually impossible to train every member of a department in a single session. Train-the-Trainer allows you the flexibility of using these in house trainers to bring the rest of the department up to speed.

Our approach, which has been time tested with over 20 years and 300+ departments successfully trained, is to provide in depth training to key members selected by the department. These trainees are given an ARMS manual, a training syllabus, and are required to acknowledge via a sign off sheet as they complete each module. We always recommend that a minimum of two people from a department are trained, and more typically, at least one from each shift. Then, after the training has been completed, these department personnel can train the others in the department as time allows. This gives the department the benefit of having in house people that know the entire system, but when it comes to training others in the department, can focus on the tasks of the individual.

This method, when operated as described above, allows a department to absorb the loss of a key person (one that has received direct ARMS training) without losing the knowledge that was transferred from us to the department as several people were in the initial training. We find that in most cases a person knows in advance that they are leaving one job for another, and as such have ample time to pass their knowledge onto someone else in the department before they leave. This is not only a good management practice, but helps to relieve the stress of the remaining employees that will be picking up the slack for the new hire while they get up to speed.

In this day and age, a computerized record system is no longer a luxury in a police department, it is a necessity. Not only to meet ever changing state and federal reporting requirements, but to provide your administration with the information that allows you to grow your department and budget to maintain the high level of public service that your university demands. This cannot be done without the in house people that mange your record system on a day to day basis. End2End’s train the trainer program initially accomplishes this goal, but ongoing changes in staff and personnel demand that management insures that they maintain a cache of in house ARMS trained personnel.


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