Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

ARMS Computer Aided Dispatch is a software suite that streamlines the process of dispatching by efficiently managing and tracking everything involved in an incident including the responding officer(s) and their status, insuring the officer’s safety by making information available such as Location History and Standard Operating Procedures, and more.

Records Management (RMS)

ARMS Records Management allows an agency to organize, maintain and access the large amount of information that a department gathers. Whether in the office or on a mobile device, ARMS allows for seamless data entry into Records Management.


ARMS Mobile addresses the age old problem of extending an agency’s collection and querying of data to mobile units in the field. In this day and time your resources must be deployed more efficiently. Keeping your officer in the field, instead of in the office is key.

ARMS Mobile is more than just a mobile solution; it can be used on any device with a WiFi or Cellular connection or hot spots. ARMS Mobile gives officers access to interact with CAD and the dispatch users as well as to complete case reports from the mobile devices.


ARMS Parking has all the tools and features in one system to automate and manage your entire parking operation – Finally eliminating the costly need to piece together separate solutions from multiple vendors. Whether used on its own or with our ARMS Mobile Citation Writers, ARMS Parking will increase your agency’s productivity and most importantly, your revenues.

ARMS Parking organizes all data entry, information management, accounting and reporting tools into an easy to use system. ARMS Online Parking components give your faculty, students, and visitors the ability to register for their parking permits, as well as appeal their citations online, freeing your staff from time-consuming data entry duties. In addition, our accounting module can easily integrate into any third-party system while still maintaining separate business rules.

Integration Services

With new requirements and needs come new tools. Arms Data Share provides your agency with the tools needed to share data quickly and efficiently. The Arms Data Share client allows agencies to participate in any local, regional or national data share that accepts data using the Global Justice XML data model.


Accessing your data is crucial to any system. ARMS has multiple tools allowing the viewing, printing and distribution of all information. From highly formatted reports to aggregate statistics, ARMS Reporting has the tools you need.


ARMS NIBRS Reporting allows the agency to participate in the state or FBI NIBRS reporting Programs. With the intuitive and robust design of our ‘NIBRS REVIEW’ module, agencies easily collect data for internal statistics, prosecutors and FBI requirements. Data elements are verified at data entry and Submission.


The NCIC module integrates seamlessly with our CAD, RMS and Mobile solutions, enabling users to run NCIC queries directly from the module they are currently using.

Mapping Portal

Our college and university customers use the Clery Mapping Portal in place of the required Clery Daily Log.

If your department is currently having to:

  •  Review all incidents to decide which are Clery Reportable
  •  Create a PDF of all the required data
  •  Send to someone on campus who has access to post this PDF to your website
  •  Repeat daily


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