ARMS IES eCite/eCrash

ARMS E-Citation & E-Crash Imports

The ARMS IES module contains a feature for importing data into ARMS from state-related electronic citation and crash reporting systems using data exported by the 3rd party system.



The data exchange is one-directional; ARMS is the recipient.  Example 3rd party systems:  TraCS (multi-state), Brazos (multi-state), MACCS (state-specific).  The 3rd party system exports data on a record-by-record basis.  The export schedule is configured within the 3rd party system.  The import is based on ARMS IES monitoring a specific folder on the ARMS server, waiting for new data from the 3rd party system to arrive.  When a new data file arrives, ARMS IES opens the file and validates its format and contents to ensure it is acceptable for import.  Data from a valid file is imported, and the file is moved to an archive.  Data from an invalid file is not imported, and the file is archived


·         ARMS IES module3rd party system for e-citation and e-crash reporting to the state

·         Configure the ARMS IES Schema Mapping according to 3rd party data

o   Not all 3rd party system vendors implement the same schema (format) of data

o   ARMS IES has built-in support for some 3rd party vendor systems and is designed to allow development to support additional 3rd party systems

Data Import Example: Moving Citation

After successful validation, the data is imported as a new record entered into ARMS >> Moving Citation.


After successful import, the data file is archived.



Data Import Example: Crash Report

After successful validation, the data is imported as a new record entered into ARMS >> Case Management.

When a crash report is imported into ARMS, it may also contain a diagram imported into Case Management >> Pictures.  This depends on the source data contained in the 3rd party data file.


After successful import, the data file is archived.  


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