ARMS Automated Clery Reporting

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Company Overview

End2End Inc. is a privately held company that creates applications for U.S. public safety agencies. We develop, deploy and support our applications and platforms for all areas of public safety, including police, fire, parking and traffic, and security departments. Our customer base spans many markets, including local and county municipals, colleges and universities, airports, housing authorities, hospitals, school districts, park police and private security.

For three decades, we have been developing, updating and enhancing our ARMS software, from a propriety database to our now mainstream Microsoft architecture. All of our ARMS applications are written in Microsoft® .Net and utilize Microsoft® SQL Server. We have always offered a stable and secure environment for our customers. Our software design philosophy can be summed up in a few simple words: user-friendly, stable and innovative.

Along with our fully integrated software suite, End2End is also the sole provider of all related services including training, installation, and implementation and support services. The dedication of our development and support teams to our customers has allowed us to keep our software current in the face of constantly evolving technology and industry standards.

Our mission statement is very simple:

ARMS provides high-quality, mainstream information management applications and services for our customers.

We make our mission a reality each day by:

  • Delivering mainstream technology at affordable prices.
  • Releasing enhancements to our programs based on customer feedback.
  • Taking a proactive approach to customer service and product development by conducting annual user conferences and focus groups, distributing newsletters and customer surveys, and monitoring our customer support forum.
  • Maintaining a work environment in which employees may sharpen their skills and gain knowledge in information technology while earning competitive salaries and benefits.

What sets ARMS apart?

By working with our customers, we have created a user interface and experience that are well-received by departments. Our dedication to our current customers means we have extensive experience developing unique solutions for higher education clients.Our Automated Clery Reporting features have been a major improvement to all of our higher education customers. The Clery Act is a consumer protection law that aims to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics. The Department of Education monitors how institutions report the required information to the public, which includes a public daily crime log as well as annual Student Right to Know (SRTK) reports. Customers who use our automated reports feature can avoid large fines issued by the DOE for noncompliance.

In addition to our work on reporting standards, we have optimized our Geofile setup for the campus environment. Instead of relying on the traditional “street number, street name” setup, we have developed our software to allow campuses to store more than one common name location with the same address. This opens the door to more specific, useful crime statistics for our customers.

While our competitors are still using a “per-seat” pricing model, we have moved forward. We offer a site license with the purchase of any ARMS software. A site license means that your agency has unlimited growth potential and End2End will not nickel-and-dime you for functions and features that you need in order to do your job. You will not owe us if you add user logins or CAD positions, and we do not limit your number of concurrent users. The ARMS software suite is the best investment available for a growing agency.

When considered alongside our fully integrated software suite, these additional benefits make ARMS the only choice. We have dedicated our many years in business to making our software the most comprehensive and feature-rich option for any market, but it is especially well-designed to fit the unique needs of higher education police and security departments.

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