Increase Efficiency with ARMS Mobile

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Your organization is always looking for ways to improve efficiency, as any reduction in time spent performing miscellaneous tasks can let you serve and protect your community better. As an industry leader with multiple decades of experience, ARMS is uniquely situated to provide the mobility solutions your police or security team requires. We developed every aspect of ARMS with the goal of improving your efficiency, something you will benefit from in multiple ways.

Ease of use

As we design our programs, we work hard to ensure that everything is not only secure but also easy to use. Over the last decades, we have continuously updated our software, making improvements as necessary. The result of these adjustments is a streamlined and straightforward user experience. The format is set up to allow for simple, intuitive data entry that is as easy as logging into any other account with a username and password. At the same time, it provides the high level of security that police departments require via our collaboration with the IT department and experience in this respect.

CAD functionality

Our addition of CAD functionality to the ARMS programs may seem too advanced for your department’s needs, but when you realize how much it can improve your organization’s efficiency, it becomes a crucial detail. Traditionally, the dispatcher needs to perform the CAD functions, adding to their already long list of tasks and distracting them from other urgent calls. Our mobility programs let police perform these CAD functions themselves, so the dispatchers have time to focus their full attention on calls. This focus should shorten the response time and increase the level of alertness, allowing those who call to receive assistance much faster.

Create custom rules

To further stand out from other programs, ARMS Mobile gives administrators the ability to set up their own “rules.” An example would be requiring officers to fill in specific fields depending on the type of incident in question. This requirement ensures that they include all relevant information at first, preventing any delays that occur from having to kick back reports. It also limits the need to pull officers away from other projects to get more details about past incidents.

Easy deployment

Among the various programs, ARMS Mobile stands out for its ease of deployment and maintenance. There is no need to install anything, which allows your officers to use the system on any device they like. They can work seamlessly with a laptop, smartphone or tablet, depending on what is available, by just visiting their unique URL. By accessing everything via a single URL, we can ensure security while giving you the versatility to switch devices as needed. For example, if an officer’s tablet becomes damaged, there is no need to waste time installing software on the new one. They just start it up, visit their URL, and they are ready to go.

Contact us to get more information on the various systems available from ARMS or to see a demonstration of how our platform can streamline your current processes.

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