Web Integrations in ARMS

As you may have noticed over the past year, there has been a strong focus within our development efforts in adding functionality to ARMS via web applications and moving existing features to a web format. Even outside of ARMS, many of the applications you are using may be making the same moves along with many applications only being offered in such a format.  Across the board, this does seem to be the way of the future in our and many other industries. 

First, let’s talk a bit about “What is a web application?”  For anyone who would not claim to be the most tech-savvy person, this may be your first question. The easy answer is almost everything out there is currently used via a browser. That includes household names like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc as well as other applications you utilize daily such as your bank’s online portal or the site you use to order groceries. These web applications help speed up development to a rapid pace, add more cross-platform ability, and allow for endless scalability for our software and therefore your department. 

Many of our customers have already seen the benefit of this move as our embedded unified web login screen (Identity Service) has allowed us to easily integrate with many of our customers’ LDAP systems. Allowing you to now leverage one login across your campus to access ARMS along with the security and ease that SSO/SAML/MFA brings. 

Our release this year comes with a major step forward in this regard by eliminating the older client’s Case Management Face Page and replacing it with an embedded browser version of the ARMS browser’s Report Writer. While giving all your users access to one unified case management screen now, you no longer must worry about training new users on multiple platforms depending on their location or task and also ensures that all of your users have access to the latest and greatest features that ARMS have to offer. 

ARMS Case Management Face Page
ARMS Case Management Cases

We plan to continue to offer new modules and continue to move existing modules into web applications with each release. Our aim is to continue to bring our customers the ability and ease their department’s requirements. 


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