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New Users, Promotions, and Change within your Department

Many departments see new ARMS users come into their department or see current ARMS users move into different roles within ARMS. This can hinder the department because the users may enter data incorrectly or set up something in the system that will become a problem later. That’s why we always want our ARMS users to be informed and educated on how to use the system as best as they can. Below we have provided some information on training or preparations for these changes in users and roles. 

Support Site, Documents, and Webinars 

Any current ARMS Administrators have access to the ARMS Support Site by going to the website and logging in. If you do not have a login, reach out to us by calling or email and we can give you a login. There you’ll have access to all our documentation including workbooks and FAQs. You’ll also have access to our webinar videos that we have periodically to walk through parts of ARMS that we think are important. Any past videos are saved on the support site for everyone to view. 

Different Training Types 

We have multiple training types that you can purchase for your department or specific users. We have training for ARMS Administrators to learn everything regarding ARMS, and specific training for Officers, Dispatchers, NIBRS, Clery, and other Statistical Reporting. Information for the different training types is listed below: 

  • Learning Management System (LMS) 
  • Online Presentation 
  • Virtual Guided Training 
  • On-Site Guided Training 

For more information on these, you can go to for further details. 

Changes in IT Support 

Many departments will also deal with changes in their IT or possibly not even having IT for support. If this is your department’s case, then we encourage you to reach out for information regarding our SaaS Solution. This is where we host your data and server in The Cloud and is the easiest way for us to assist your department with everything you need. It is an easy way for you to know that your data is safe, secure, and recoverable. 

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