Introducing ARMS Self Help Upgrades!

Over the years, our team has received countless requests to allow in-house IT departments the option to manage and maintain their own on-premise data centers. While many of our customers prefer utilizing ARMS Cloud alongside ARMS Support, we’ve formalized a self-upgrade process for those with security or time constraints.

ARMS now offers comprehensive how-to guides complete with FTP installer files and video tutorials that walk in-house IT departments through the entire process from start to finish.  Here are a few key details to remember should your team consider self-upgrades.

  1. Backups should be performed regularly.

Ensure that your team performs regular backups and runs updates on time. While ARMS Support rarely needs to use pre-upgrade backups to resolve problems, they can sometimes be the first step to maintenance being performed on a database. Backups must always include the SQL database and ARMS Media folder but can also have a complete image of the ARMS server(s) as well.

  1. Downtime should be scheduled ahead of time.

Upgrades generally take less than two hours to complete but be sure to schedule downtime with your users to minimize interruptions in day to day operation. 

  1. Self-Upgrade only applies to recent upgrades.

On an annual basis, ARMS releases upgrades that include small changes to the installer, easily navigable through the provided documentation. If, however, your team is upgrading from a release two years or older, we highly recommended contacting ARMS Support.

  1. ARMS Support is always available.

While we’ve made this new self-upgrade option available for in-house IT staff, remember that ARMS Support is always available should your team find they need assistance.

If you or your IT department would be interested in performing your own ARMS upgrades, contact our support team for more information. We can be reached via email at or via phone call at 800.776.6783.


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