Certifications Through ARMS Academy

We are proud to introduce ARMS Academy, our self-paced Learning Management System
(LMS), that dives into every aspect of ARMS, including videos, documents, and
hands-on assessments. ARMS Academy offers six unique courses where team members
can self-pace and fine-tune system knowledge, leaving them feeling engaged and
more prepared for their position. As part of our mission to customize our
products to fit your demands, we anticipate additional courses to be rolled out
in the future.

ARMS Academy User Types

  1. Administrator

Combining information on backend setup and maintenance with information
covered in the Dispatcher, Officer, Statistics, and NIBRS certifications, this is the most extensive certification and prepares users for every detail ARMS has to offer.

  1. Dispatcher

From the basics of logging officers on and off and adding new calls to
more advanced features like Stacked Calls, BOLOs, and Global Queries, this certification prepares users for excelling in the ARMS Computer-Aided Dispatch.

  1. Officer

This certification covers ARMS Mobile CAD and Case Management, placing
focus on anything an officer might do through ARMS such as adding, submitting, approving and searching for information.

  1. Statistics

For any user that focuses on records or reporting, this certification
covers processes involved with Property Management, collecting data, and automating notifications to users and outside parties.

  1. NIBRS

The certification coaches users on setting up NIBRS codes, entering
data for NIBRS reviews and extracting NIBRS data files.

  1. Clery

This certification teaches ARMS users how to report accurate Clery
information, set up Clery codes, enter data for Clery reviews and extract information for the ASR or Clery Daily Log.

In short, ARMS Academy aids administrators in ensuring all users are
proficient with the system. Best of all, its digitized, self-paced format allows employee growth safely and productively. For more information on what each certification course covers or the pricing for each of them, reach out to customer.care@arms.com or call


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