How ARMS SaaS Addresses Data Storage

Your agency deals with a lot of data, and this information is not limited to documents, but instead includes all sorts of multimedia, such as surveillance video, photos, and other potentially large files. Storing these files can require physical file room space that your agency lacks, and the days of keeping tape backups are dwindling due to space constraints, fragility, and technological advances. Many businesses and organizations have migrated to the cloud to tap into practically unlimited storage capacities, and state of the art security. 

ARMS offers secure, scalable, and flexible cloud-based storage systems through our SaaS (Software as a Service) model that enables agencies to make the leap to advanced storage tech and to prepare for whatever requirements the future may bring. The ARMS SaaS service saves agencies money as well. Your cloud-hosted data is easier to manage as well. You can free up IT staff resources for other tasks, such as innovation and operational efficiency instead of on-premises server administration.

Since ARMS grows with you, your agency can devote resources only as needed. A real solution is flexible and scalable; you can control how much you use and maintain. Your agency also saves on the need to replace server hardware as it reaches its lifespan. ARMS and the cloud result in a leaner, more agile IT, and storage solution. Access to ARMS is intuitive as well. Through the combination of a thick client and browser interface, users access documents, files, and data as needed quickly and seamlessly. With ARMS, organizing, maintaining, and retrieving records is intuitive and straightforward. Rather than supporting a database on your own for these files, ARMS incorporates the cloud data for you. For your users, the system is familiar and easy to use, as it is when Windows-PC based. ARMS is managed in the Microsoft Azure Government cloud environment, which is fully CJIS compliant. In fact, Microsoft Azure is the preferred CJIS-compliant cloud solution. And as a 100 percent CJIS-compliant hosting service, your agency can rest assured that your files and data are safe. As for dependency, cloud services such as Azure have the added benefit of redundancy. Your data is encrypted and stored in duplicate secure locations. If you are looking for a seamless, secure, flexible, and scalable solution for your agency’s storage and file maintenance, contact an ARMS representative for more information today.


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