Precise Dispatch using Location Enhancements

What are the Location Enhancements?

There are many items that you can add to a Location/GEO File to enhance the information that a dispatcher and officer can be aware of during an incident. These enhancements are listed and defined below:

          Officer Safety

o   Any warnings that the officer needs to be made aware of for that location, such as known weapons, dangerous persons, or animals.

          Security Matrix

o   Any security systems/measures at that location, such as a card reader, metal detector, cameras, or lockbox code. As well as contacts for those security systems.

          Hazardous Materials

o   Any hazardous materials at the location so the officer knows if there are any dangerous chemicals to be aware of.

          Contact Information

o   Any contacts for the location that can be called if needed or be informed of any disturbances.

          Photos/Other Media

o   Any blueprints, videos, documents that are associated with that location that the user needs to be aware of.

How to use the Location Enhancements?

These location enhancements can be added to each specific location through the Setup Menu, in the GEO File module.

After they are added, the dispatcher can enter the Location to a call and it will alert them of any Officer Safety, Hazmat, or Contact Information warnings. They can view more location enhancements by clicking on the blue highlighted Common Name.

They can also view this by going to Reference and then Location to search for a location to see all of the enhancement information.

The officer can also see this information by clicking the green highlighted Common Name in ARMS Mobile CAD, or by going to the home page and clicking on the GEO File Lookup module to search for the location.

Why use the Location Enhancements?

These location enhancements allow you to make precise dispatching decisions for the location that the officer is going to. They allow you to know if there is anything dangerous or notable at that location or give you information on who to contact or where to go when the officer arrives. If your department utilizes these enhancements for every location, then it will make the dispatchers more effective and in turn, the officers and involved parties safer.


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