ARMS Webinar Instructions

Webinar Event Registration

You’ll receive an invitation or find an invitation on our Events Calendar that will allow you to register for the webinar event. From there you’d enter your information and sign up to receive a registration email with information on the meeting website link and allow you to add the event to your own calendar.

Meeting Website Link

When you register for the event, you should receive a link for a RingCentral meeting. This link will bring you to a page to download RingCentral and gain access to the webinar. From there you’ll be able to connect through computer audio or phone. You do not need to use video.

Meeting Format

During the meeting, you will be muted upon entry and only the host will be able to unmute you. Everyone’s video will be turned off to avoid anyone’s video from appearing before on the host’s shared screen. This is to avoid cross-talk and distractions during the presentation. The host will then present the topic through ARMS and afterward open the meeting up for discussion during the question and answer portion.

Q&A Session

During the question and answer portion of the presentation, you’ll be asked to raise your hand for the host to unmute you to ask your question. We ask that everyone asks only one question until everyone has had the chance to ask one, then we will return to anyone who has more than one question if time allows.

Raising Your Hand

To raise your hand, in the meeting you’ll see at the bottom of the page there is a Participants button. Click that button.

Then you’ll have a list appear on the side of your screen with a “Raise Hand” button at the bottom. Click that to raise your hand.

The host will then unmute you when it is your turn to ask a question.

Finally, once you’ve been able to ask your question the host will then mute you again to allow the next person to ask a question.

Video Post

A week after the webinar is recorded, a video will be posted onto our YouTube channel for everyone to view and share with others.



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