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Hardware that interfaces with ARMS

Trimble Juno T41 Handheld

By using this handheld device instead of writing paper citations, your Parking enforcers can write citations in the field and sync the device at the end of a shift to avoid manually entering citation details.

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The Zebra QLN320 Printer

From parking citations to property management labels, these micro printers can deliver portable and purpose driven documents for your department.
This printer connects wirelessly to the Juno T41 Handheld to print citations on thermal citation paper
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Dymo Label Writer 450

The Dymo Label Writer 450 can be utilized to create property labels with scanable barcodes and identifying information from ARMS.

Keyboard Emulation USB Scanner

The Keyboard Emulation USB Scanner interfaces with ARMS Property to allow users to easily locate pieces of property and check them in or out. If you are unsure if your scanner offers Keyboard Emulation, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team and ask.

Can be purchased through ARMS or a third party such as Staples or Office Depot. Price ranges depending on scanner.

Driver’s License Scanning

In order to expedite data gathering for officers in the field, ARMS has interfaced with ESEEK M260 and LTRON 4910LR Scanners. By using these in conjunction with ARMS Names, officers can locate and update existing names, or they can generate new records directly from and individual’s license.

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