Records Management

ARMS Records Management allows an agency to organize, maintain and access the large amount of information that a department gathers. Whether in the office or on a mobile device, ARMS allows for seamless data entry into Records Management.


    • ARMS Records Management is completely integrated with all modules
      of ARMS.
    • Intuitive, easy to learn interface using common Microsoft© Windows controls; Single window for all data entry.
    • Built in Spell Check on all narrative fields.
    • Record Synopsis field can be used for brief synopsis for public release.
    • UCR, CLERY, and NIBRS Reporting.
    • Multi-Level Record Approval and Review tracking.
    • Configurable email notification when reports are created.
    • Over 100 canned statistical reports from Records Management activities.
    • ARMS Data Browser can be used to query fields in Records Management.
    • Records Management reports can be printed to standard forms or custom
      departmental forms.

More Features:

  • Captures all Records Management Information for the case including:
    – Persons: Complete Name records including addresses, phone numbers, aliases, physical descriptions, warrants, trespass notices, photos, NCIC information,citations, and more
    – Vehicle: Complete vehicle record, including tow information, NCIC information,Insurance Information, and photos
    – Property: Complete property and evidence records, including NCIC information,chain of custody, and check in and checkout logs
    – Investigations: Track investigation assignments, time spent on investigations, and results of follow-ups. Score cases to conform to CALEA standards
    – Supplements: Complete supplemental reports by originating officer or additional officers while maintaining separate approval chains
  • Photos and other digital media: Maintain all images and digital media associated with a case report. Media is maintained by the database and stored on a network drive
  • Unknown suspects and Modus Operandi: Track all unknown suspects and complete descriptions of the suspect. Ability to search like suspects and similar MO’s.