NCIC Query

ARMS NCIC Query extends the basic-inquiry features most commonly used by both dispatch and patrol into the everyday ARMS environment where names and vehicles are associated with CAD and Case records, as well as an inquiry-only environment for lookups not originating from an active call/case. When the agency implements ARMS NCIC Query, Officers in the field gain the ability to perform their own lookups for Driver Registration, Vehicle Registration, Wants/Warrants, Stolen Vehicles, Guns, Boats, and Article items, which leads to a decrease in radio traffic into dispatch and fewer requests for dispatch to perform basic-inquiry lookups for personnel in the field.

ARMS Mobile provides quick and easy access to basic-inquiry search criteria and response data.

ARMS NCIC Query meets CJIS Security Policy and FIPS 140-2 requirements for information security and inquiry/response auditing purposes.

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