ARMS Mobile addresses the age old problem of extending an agency’s collection and querying of data to mobile units in the field. In this day and time your resources must be deployed more efficiently. Keeping your officer in the field, instead of in the office is key.

ARMS Mobile is more than just a mobile solution; it can be used on any device with a WiFi or Cellular connection or hot spots. ARMS Mobile gives officers access to interact with CAD and the dispatch users as well as to complete case reports from the mobile devices.

ARMS Mobile Report Writer is designed to provide the user with an easy to use intuitive interface with business rules. This ensure that all data is collected correctly. From built in spell check to required fields, Report Writer assists the users in completing a case report.

ARMS Mobile provides queries for Names, Vehicles, Business, and NCIC look ups. It extends and increases the efficiency of field personnel while increasing officer safety and minimizing time spent on responses by expediting information to the field.

ARMS Mobile is also device independent. New technologies demand that the system function on many devices, from Microsoft to iOS to Android. ARMS Mobile meets this demand so users find themselves using mobile with laptops, tablets, smart phones, and even desktops.

Mobile Features:

Mobile CAD

  • Monitor CAD unit(s) and event statuses.
  • Allows for Car to Car Messaging and Car to Dispatch Messaging.
  • Gives real-time information on location changes and suspect information.
  • Personnel can acknowledge and update any element of the CAD record similar to users at the dispatch center.
  • Incidents can be managed entirely through data transmissions regardless of whether it is for a single unit or multiple units.
  • Query connectivity available to NCIC, CJIS, and DMV databases.
  • Capability to display Open Calls List in both Details View and Map View using Google Maps.
  • Capability to transmit dispatch information directly to the Mobile PC’s in the vehicles.
  • Capability to accept unit status information from the MDCS to update unit status.
  • Supervisor monitoring of CAD status from the field.
  • Location History – Officer Safety Alerts, Weapons On Premises alerts, and Hazmat information is transferred to the CAD event notes.
  • Ability to view all CAD events including those not assigned to the officer.
  • CAD operators will be continually updated with the unit status that was last reported to the Dispatcher and CAD system. This display category shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following: Available, En Route, Out of Service, Arrived, Cleared, and any agency-configurable
    Custom Officer Status (transport/escort/etc).
  • Function keys or simple keystrokes will enable Mobile to communicate unit status.
  • Officer has the ability to create CAD events such as Vehicle Stops, Secure Checks, or other Self Initiated activities.
  • Night Mode

Mobile Report Writer

  • Field personnel are able to complete all incident data, including narratives, names, property, and follow up reports that are required.
  • Users can complete a full Field Interview directly from Mobile CAD window.
  • Users are offered the same user experience across laptop, MDT, or tablet device, supporting Windows OS, iOS, and Android OS.
  • Users can view photos of people or vehicles saved in CAD and RMS applications.
  • Allows mutliple Addresses, Phones, and Physical Descriptions of a person without overwriting historical records.
  • Ability to query complete Geo File data including call history, contact information, premise information, blue prints, and hazmat data.
  • Ability to review Radio Log by Date, Shift, Incident, Beat, Location, and/or Officer.
  • Ability to add a property item to the Property/Evidence module of the RMS.
  • Ability to add a Supplement Report to a case record.</li.
  • Allows for direct integration with native device camera on iOS7, iOS8, and Android devices.
  • Complete Case Approval Management (Submit, Kickback, Approval) for both Supervisor and Officer