Mobile Devices vs. MDTs

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With technology constantly changing, you need to ensure that your agency has the latest tech at your disposal. By updating your tech from a full MDC/MDT to a system like ARMS that operates on any mobile device, you will experience numerous benefits. By putting off the update, you waste time, money and resources.

Saves your agency money

As soon as you look at the cost, you will realize that updating to a system on a mobile device is much cheaper than a mobile digital computer (MDC) or mobile data terminal (MDT). Because MDCs and MDTs are highly specialized pieces of equipment, they can easily cost thousands of dollars. By comparison, smartphones and tablets are relatively affordable, requiring just a few hundred dollars even for the highest-quality options. This reduced cost can save your department a significant amount of money up front, even more so if you need a dozen devices. Keep in mind that this is not just a one-time cost. The equipment will sustain wear and tear over time and will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing a tablet is cheaper, so you can save money every few years.

Easy to use

As a general rule, it is also much simpler to use a program like ARMS that functions on mobile devices than an MDC since all your officers will have experience using them. In today’s world, very few people do not have a tablet or at least a smartphone. This familiarity ensures that your agents can intuitively use the mobile systems without extensive training courses.

Has full functionality

There is no need to sacrifice the full functionality of your CAD or RMS system with a mobile device. While many mobile systems do reduce the functionality, that is not the case with ARMS Mobile. You get the full functionality found on the installed thick-client version on ARMS Mobile, including a CAD, RMS, and Reporting. The only required use of the thick-client is for Dispatchers – there is no function to dispatch multiple units from ARMS Mobile, only their own unit.

Offers Silent Dispatch

To make modern technology from ARMS Mobile even more useful, it also includes silent dispatch abilities. This way, your officers do not have to waste time radioing into a dispatcher who already has to do too many things at once. Instead, they can dispatch themselves and save time for everyone. Having your officers dispatch themselves to patrols, building checks, vehicles stops, and more will allow your dispatchers to focus on calls that require more attention.

More efficient use of time

Speaking of saving time, smart devices such as smartphones and tablets make it easier for officers to use their time efficiently. They can, for example, finish up their case reports while in the field, making use of the time spent waiting for their next assignment. It is possible to complete the entire record via the mobile device, including incident data, names, property and narratives

Access info immediately

Among the most important reasons to keep your agency current with new technology is the ability of officers to access information instantly. Their mobile device will give them direct access to names, vehicles, cases and more without any need to radio the dispatcher. Since dispatchers frequently have multiple things to do at once, all parties involved will appreciate the time savings.

Please contact ARMS to get more information on the ARMS Mobile software and for any assistance selecting the right mobile devices for your agency.

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