Integration Services - Data Share


With new requirements and needs come new tools. Arms Data Share provides your agency with the tools needed to share data quickly and efficiently. The Arms Data Share client allows agencies to participate in any local, regional or national data share that accepts data using the Global Justice XML data model.


The Global JXDM is an XML standard designed specifically for criminal justice information exchanges, providing law enforcement, public safety agencies, prosecutors, public defenders, and the judicial branch with a tool to effectively share data and information in a timely manner. The Global
JXDM removes the burden from agencies to independently create exchange standards, and because of its extensibility, there is more flexibility to deal with unique agency requirements and changes. Through the use of a common vocabulary that is understood system to system, Global JXDM enables access from multiple sources and reuse in multiple applications.

ARMS provides your agency with the tools to succeed!

Key features of DATA SHARE

    • The arms Data Share client allows the user to export the
      complete arms database, or selectrecords from a range of dates.
    • After the initial export the user may also then set the client to
      only export ‘incremental changes’.
    • The arms Data Share client allows the administrator to identify
      a web service, FTP site or simple file shares. This produces
      automated functionality for the transfer of shared data.
    • Data Selection for arms JXDM:
    • Name with Warrants

• Name with Arrest
• Case Log associated with Name and Warrant
• Case Log associated with Name and Arrest (Case Log information includes property and vehicles)
• Case Management
• Master Name
• Arrest / Referral
• Warrant
• Vehicle
• Property

    • By adopting the JXDM standard, different systems can freely
      exchange data.
    • The arms Data Share Browser is a reader of JXDM records.
      With this module, arms users can search the shared data of
      other arms users and/or import other JXDM records into the
      arms Data Share Browser.


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