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ARMS solutions empower public safety agencies of all sizes to take control of their information management needs. Written in Microsoft’s .NET® and utilizing Microsoft® SQL Server, ARMS provides an open database system with many interfacing options. With Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management and Mobile Reporting, ARMS provides the software and services you need at an affordable price – now, and for years to come.

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End2End Inc. is a privately held company that creates applications for U.S. public safety agencies. We develop, deploy and support our applications and platforms for all areas of public safety, including police, fire, parking and traffic, and security departments. Our customer base spans many markets, including local and county municipals, colleges and universities, airports, housing authorities, hospitals, school districts, park police and private security.

For three decades, we have been developing, updating and enhancing our ARMS software, from a propriety database to our now mainstream Microsoft architecture. All of our ARMS applications are written in Microsoft® .Net and utilize Microsoft® SQL Server. We have always offered a stable and secure environment for our customers. Our software design philosophy can be summed up in a few simple words: user-friendly, stable and innovative.

Along with our fully integrated software suite, End2End is also the sole provider of all related services including training, installation, implementation and support services. The dedication of our development and support teams to our customers has allowed us to keep our software current in the face of constantly evolving technology and industry standards.

MSU Police has been using the ARMS RMS system since 2007. The system aids us in Clery compliance and the tracking of many important functions and activities of our department. We would not consider any other system.

Chief Vance Rice
Mississippi State University

Our dispatchers now click on icons to run wanted persons and vehicles as opposed to using the old period format. This feature has expedited the process of running persons and vehicles while improving officer safety.

Director Mitchell J Yanak
University of Pennsylvania

Have been using ARMS since 2002. I love it, the officers, dispatchers, and staff love it also. We hire mostly retired officers from large departments. These officers can’t understand how a small university pd can have a report writing system so much better than the larger departments they came from.

Jim Lins
University of Maryland Baltimore County

The ARMS Mobile Suite is Easy to navigate and input information which allows the officers to stay in the field for more community policing. The program is available on any device which makes it easier to deploy to the officers in the field.

Cassandra Bailey
Georgia State University

ARMS Mobile, originally envisioned as a light weight, browser based CAD/RMS has quickly turned into a full featured CAD/RMS client for field personnel. No more clunky, heavy clients with unreliable local databases to install and maintain. Log in from anywhere, on any device with a browser to get work done.

Greg Katz
Town of Billerica, MA

Our Mission Statement:

ARMS provides high-quality, mainstream information management applications and services for our customers.

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